MassLooking – your target audience in Instagram. Try to promote your Instagram for free!

Masslooking is the most effective and secure method to boost your Instagram account in 2019. Up to 100 000 followers for free with mass story views.

Instagram Masslooking

While you are chilling or attending to your everyday affairs, your account watches millions of Instagram Stories per day attracting target audience
Easy Settings

Easy Settings

Start to use service in 1-2-3
No limits

No limits

There are no more account blocks because of Instagram Terms of Use
Живая аудитория

Only target audience

Real subscribers who will stay in touch with your product or service.
Большой охват

High Reach

Unlimited views will help you to establish personal contact with each potential client.

Extend the reach for more followers

Many Instagram restrictions and constant worries about blocking account prevent fast and effective promotions of your account?
Masslooking strikes gold!*
Just in 1 month you will get:
reach increase
real followers
target audience
*Result may vary in each case

Start to promote your Instagram for free in 3 simple steps:

Sing up in

Add your Instagram account

Set target audience and start promotion!



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What is a masslooking and why do you need it?

Masslooking is a mass viewing of your target audience Instagram Stories. It’s a useful and most effective tool for attracting your potential clients.

How much followers / likes / comments can I get?

Masslooking is faster and more effective than other methods of promotion in Instagram. There are no limits in views! Though remember, that conversion highly depends on content quality.

Is there any limits in masslooking?

Instagram has no restrictions regarding amount of stories views. So we strongly recommend to use this tool as your advantage!

Can my account be blocked by excessive activity?

Absolutely no! Masslooking is a safety way to boost your account.

Can I try to use masslooking for free? gives you 48 hours of free test! After trial, pick a plan that suites you best!
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